Space Videos

Earth from ISS in Hi-Def

Today I am sharing two kewl videos.

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Stephen King – Writing Tips

Stephen King

Tips for Writers

While I admit I am not much of a horror genre reader, I love Stephen King as a writter. I feel next to The Elements of Style, Fourth Edition by Strunk and White, I feel his two books no writing are necessities to any aspiring writer.

I also like the blog Open Culture. I thought I would share a video in which Stephen King discusses creativity.

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A Penny Auctions for 70 K

A Glass Penny Auctions for 70 K

During World War II, the U.S. Minte experimented with a number of alternate materials to make pennies out of. We needed copper for ammunition.

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Lumpy’s Links for 2017-01-08

Lumpy’s Links for 2017-01-08

Welcome to the new year and my first issue of my links for 2017.

Due to my most recent change of schedule, I am going to start publishing this on Sundays and not Fridays. It shall be that way at least till February. Then we shall have to see what schedule I have from there. This is being done so I actually have the time to put out better quality material.

The categories are (click on the category to jump right to it):

  • Ludicrous – Funny, odd, strange, bizarre or humorous
  • Useful – Software, references, lists, etc.,
  • Music – Music, music tech, music videos and album releases
  • Photos – Pictures, drawings, animation and videos
  • Yours – Something from email or social media
  • Science – Anything science or technology related

Extra stuff is tossed into the Leftovers

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Lumpy’s Links is Moving to Sundays

Long story short, while I still want to do this, Fridays just don’t work as well anymore.  I am changing the publishing date to Sundays.  I will have more info in this issue.

A Strange Lake in India

A Strange Lake in India

Weird Magnetic Anomalies Abound

I found this one over at The Science Channel. I thought it worth a quick post. A perfectly round lake with magnetic anomalies near it.

Trick Play Compilation

Trick Play Compilation

I am a football fan. Personally, not a fan of trick plays, in my opinion, they end in disaster more than they pay off. Then again maybe I just watch the Cleveland Clowns, er Browns too often. However, when a trick play pays off, it is exciting. Check these out.

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