Freelance Writing Gigs and The Job Scout

Writer Wordart
Writer Wordart (Photo credit: MarkGregory007)

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions but I do believe in setting goals, not specifically for the new year but in general.  I set them in a general to specific manner.  Relevant to this post my general goal is to be a writer, slightly more specific is to earn my living a writer.

In order for a goal to be achieved, I like to break it down into a series of specific achievable goals and tasks.  Two such tasks for writing are to network with other writers and to explore sites to write for and/or sites that post freelance writing jobs.  Another is to share my findings here.

Currently, my favorite site for networking with other writers is Cloud Me Baby.  While they are more oriented to earning money on-line in general, their forum is a great resource for writers and their chat room is a great place to connect with a few other writers.  The forum has an area specific to writers.  Make sure you stop by the chat room and meet the wonderful people in the community.  If you do, you shall comprehend fully why I think it is one of the best communities on the web.

I also re-connected with an old friend recently who sent me an excellent list of writing resources. I could likely spend a month, full time, exploring all the stuff on her list. Kudos and thank you again @infoinsomniac.

Since she is actually earning her living as a freelancer, I thought it a good idea to explore each source she sent me.  Since I have had over a decade of experience using blogging software, I thought it would be best to share my findings here and in a manner where I could easily organize them.

Today I would like to share two sources; one I have been using for a good while, the other new from infoinsomniac.  Nonetheless, future posts on this subject shall not be as long but brief and to the point such as what follows…

Freelance Writing Jobs – This site publishes links of jobs in various categories daily.  They also offer an RSS feed so you don’t have to click to their site every time you are looking for work.  The site also has articles for writers.

The Job Scout – This is not a writer specific site but does have some nice features.  The first being is that you can search by zip code.  While the search results are not always perfect, they seem pretty decent if you use the terms “writer” or “freelance”.