It is Time for a Change

Ten years ago, this blog began with

Well, looks like i finally got it up and running… A blog…

The only thing is that it is so late…. I can’t really think of much to say.

That post was published at 3:02 AM on 22 July, 2003.  The process of setting up the blog on the new server began about 7 AM, 21 July.  In short, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

Over the decade, I experimented much and learned even more. I learned valid HTML, CSS, played with a half dozen different content management systems (blogging software), and even created a blog by coding the PHP myself.  However, after 10 years of nearly continuous up-time, the inevitable arrived.  It became necessary to wipe out my site.  Too many hacks learned at the University of Hard Knocks made it simpler and easier to decide to start this whole project over.

There were a number of reasons to do so but here are the major ones:

  • Movable Type, while great for years, was no longer up-gradable for free
  • Movable Type was broken, comment spam was impossible, even with Askimet running the spam scripts were eating up all my bandwidth
  • I could not make the Movable Type export import into WordPress
  • While I had nearly 900 posts most of them were garbage
  • While I learned much over 11 years, I learned mostly from breaking things and fixing them
  • It seemed like the perfect time to apply “if I knew then, what I know now”

I know some of you are thinking “he trashed everything?”… No, in no way shape or form did I do anything that drastic.  It is more like I cleaned up after a major flood.  I did not trash everything.  In fact, I have the entire old “corner” saved locally one of Linux machines.

However, after a flood, one does decide what to keep and what to trash.  While one certainly could steam clean the carpet, replace the padding and then put the old carpeting back in place, it is likely easier to rip out the old and start over. You also gain the advantage of possibly selecting a new pattern and re-decorating a bit… in short doing it over even better than the first try.

In the case this particular blog, a flood-like-start-over is a good thing. Lumpy’s Corner began as a personal blog and an experiment. When I embarked on this long journey, I did not foresee myself becoming a free lance writer.  My direction and vision of my future was very different than it is at present.

I am not going to republish each and every entry.  However, I will be posting here much more frequently than in the past and, from time to time, I will do a re-post. Now that I have finally stepped out of my comfort zone and committed to being a writer it is time for me to do something writers must do often; re-writes.  In short, readers will get less crap and more, better, gooder stuff.  (Yes, I know I just butchered the English language but we call that poetic license… deal with it as I do it often.)

This “new and improved” corner shall focus more on writing, current events and tech news.  Blogs, for the most part, are now called social media.  If you want the nitty gritty on my personal life, follow me on the social networks.  If you want content, follow me here.

If there is a post you recall and would like to see re-published, just let me know below, you can use either the contact form or leave a comment.  Furthermore, if there is an article you haven’t seen me scribe, perhaps some topic you would like to read my rambles on, request it.  And, finally, do not forget that I am a writer for hire as well.