Hanks and Wilson

Cast Away
Cast Away (Photo credit: .noir photographer)

Lately I have had a good number of people trying to apologize to me. Now I could go into a big long blog about for what and why but I thought I might, instead, rant about what is sorry?

Now bear in mind that this is merely my opinion and, after all, I am but a raving mad lunatic who resembles Tom Hanks caring on a conversation with Wilson. Nonetheless, there is a certain amendment to my Country’s Constitution, which allows even Howard Stern to speak freely. Beside, Wilson has never owed me an apology. With that in mind, I shall continue.

First, I shall comment on what I think one could do when they realized they have wronged some one. My deranged rabid mind can easily find at least three non-exclusive options and, ideally, all three would be best. First, one could and should apologize since that is just right. Second, one should do all they can to right the wrong. Finally, one should take action to assure they do not repeat the mistake.

Now my lunacy shall move on to what an apology should be; It should be sincere, expedient and genuine. If you walk up and say “Geez Lump, I’m really sorry about all that evil shit I said about you and , by the way, do you have 20 dollars I can borrow?” What do you think Hanks is gonna say to Wilson?

Furthermore, some genuine change in future behavior should be shown otherwise one is just offering up a placebo doing little for my deranged mind. After all, I need real meds right? If you end up apologizing for the same type of regress each time you need a favor, it will only end up making Wilson seem more appealing.

Well folks, that is my rant for the day. Hope you enjoyed my delirium but Wilson is calling and wants to talk about a problem he has with me, you know, like a human being would. Otherwise he says he is gonna exercise his First Amendment right and post stuff about me all over the web which really scares me. Imagine what he could do if he actually had a brain composed of something other than compressed atmospheric gas?