Writing Site Review – BoostCTR

What is BoostCTR?

To be fair at the onset. I like BoostCTR very much and can’t really say much negative about it.  That said, let us begin.

Quoting their about page:

Boost increases advertiser profitability by using a combination of humans and software to drive increased ad relevance at scale. The Boost marketplace is comprised of over 1,000 expert copywriters and image optimizers who compete to provide a diverse array of perspectives. Boost’s proprietary software identifies opportunities for optimization and drives performance using a combination of workflow tools and algorithms.

The Company focuses on optimizing for enterprise advertisers and generates substantial improvements in conversions-per-impression for customers. Today, Boost is trusted to drive optimization and insights for over $300 million in advertising spend across networks and premium publisher sites such as Google, Microsoft+Yahoo Bing Ads and Facebook.

For the writer it means  they are paid to write ads.  They offer two types of contest.  The ones I personally like are those that offer 2 dollars per accepted ad.  The other type is contest based and offers higher payments which vary in dollar amount.  However, in the case of the later, you must write the top performing ad for the campaign and meet other criteria as well. In other words, you might write an ad unit and receive no compensation. The writing is somewhat technical but only three lines will be written for any given submission.

 What I Like About BoostCTR

  • The interface is simple, clean and works
  • They have the writer resources so they can learn to write acceptable ads
  • They give useful feedback for rejected ads allowing the writer to learn
  • The advertisers guidelines are usually clear so the writer knows exactly what is required
  • They allow the writer to ask questions about any specific ad assignment
  • They display the winning, losing and rejected ads to show what works and does not
  • They pay to PayPal every Tuesday
  • They have a useful and informative blog with an RSS feed
  • They often email you a re-write request rather than outright reject your ad
  • They ask you to explain why your submission is better than the current ad.  This is a great way to make you think about the right things.

What You May Not Like About Boost

Personally, I am very happy and content with BoostCTR.  However, some people might find fault with the following:

  • According to a few posts over at the Cloud Me Baby Forum, it may take awhile to be approved to write for them.  I did not take notes but I don’t recall any long waiting period.  Furthermore, waiting to be accepted is part of being a writer.
  • It can take some time for your submissions to be approved or rejected
  • There are not enough ads to write.  It will not replace your full time job.

Some Tips Based on My Experience

  • Use the resources, they tell you how to write winning ads
  • Read the blog
  • Pay attention to the emails informing you that the writing editor re-wrote you ad and learn from it
  • Re-write the submissions you are requested to re-write and do not let them become rejections
  • Read the guidelines to avoid rejections, don’t just check the box
  • Look over the ad landing page carefully
  • If rejected, learn from it by paying careful attention to the reason(s) why
  • Check the site daily

To close, I would like to make a few additional points.  While this site is not going to make you rich, it can easily add up to decent pocket change.  As far as the site not having enough work, I do not feel that is a problem.  Most of the online writing sites I am involved with would fall into the same category. Most writers do not work for just one site.  That is just part of being a freelancer.  Furthermore, based on emails, other reviews I have read and my personal experience, the service is well rated and growing.  In my opinion, if you choose to write for this site, you are getting into a growing company.  Who would like to write for a shrinking, poorly rated site?

Writing (Photo credit: jjpacres)

I must also emphasize that, based on having written for this site, I feel they are one of the best sites out there for giving the writer exactly the information they need to succeed.  I also feel they offer the best feedback for the writer to improve.  Frankly, if you can’t succeed with BoostCTR, you either can’t listen or you should consider doing something other than writing ad units.  I feel this is a 4 or 5 star site to write for.

To learn more about BoostCTR check out their TOS page.  To get a few other opinions on BoostCTR, you can check out reviews at The Work from Home Reporter and Real Ways to Earn Money Online.  If you wish to apply, go to the sign up page.


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