Writer’s Links 01/27/2014 (a.m.)

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Writer’s Links 01/26/2014 (p.m.)

  • I see many folks not using this tip.  Truth be told, I am also slow to clean house.

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    • It’s a trash can.

      Not a physical one, but a mental trash can.

      It’s for discarding advice that doesn’t feel right for you. It doesn’t seem like the right answer.

      Your gut tells you this advice isn’t for you. It just doesn’t resonate.

      If that happens, you should ignore that tip and move on.

      My teacher would say, “Use what feels right and discard the rest.”

      I think a lot of writers forget to take out their trash can when they’re learning about writing. But it really pays to keep it handy.

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    • What exactly do freelance copywriters write? Everything! From ad copy to newsletters, from policies to blogs, from business proposals to brochures, and from catalog blurbs to t-shirt taglines, there’s nothing off-limits. James told me she’s worked on everything from tweets for non-profits to ghost writing a book for a motivational speaker to writing taglines for Nike. So, if you are after variety, it appears that the freelance thing delivers. Sure, some freelances have specialties, but generally speaking, they are just really skilled at writing and they help businesses who need someone with that skill to produce written content. Unlike traditional writers, these people don’t get their names in the byline, but they do get paid hourly for their work. Did you catch that? HOUR-LY.

Posted from Diigo. The rest of LumpysCorner group favorite links are here.