Writer’s Links 03/10/2014 (p.m.)

  • I liked this article as soon as it mentioned spelling, grammar and being too “salesy”. In short, it makes good sense.

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    • Forty percent of respondents admitted that poor spelling and grammar reduced their favorable impression of a brand.
    • As a marketer with a limited budget, the good news about focusing on quality content creation is that you don’t need to think in terms of producing more content but rather in terms of making each piece of content more effective.

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Lumpy’s Links 03/10/2014 (p.m.)

  • A few interesting differences about today’s print and yesterday’s.  Seems there is still a market for premium content and consumers will actually pay much more than in yesteryear.

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    • Publishers are leaning heavily on the idea that these are “premium” magazines, with deep reporting and full-page photos. Music reviews site Pitchfork even hopes that printing its quarterly magazine’s long-form features and illustrations on high-quality paper stock will encourage readers to collect them just as they collect vinyl records.
    • ather than eye the big general-interest numbers of Time and Rolling Stone, digital publishers are creating their magazines with lower circulations and content aimed at more niche audiences.
    • Most media companies have historically treated magazines as loss leaders, selling them for cheap in the hopes of building the sort of big circulation numbers
    • That’s not the model that these digital publishers are following. Rather than sell the magazines for cheap, Pitchfork is asking for $50 a year (or $20 an issue).

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