Lumpy’s Links 03/26/2014 (p.m.)

  • I can’t tell you how often I see people interview others when they are completely unprepared.  These steps may may seem like common sense but how often do you actually follow them.

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    • your interview will fail if you do not display curiosity about who you are interviewing and what he or she might say.
    • an interview is not so much a chance for you to get to know your subject better (though you will) … an interview is your chance to be the conduit that allows your audience to get to know your subject better.
    • f you are not asking this question to yourself before every interview, then your interviews are failing. Because they aren’t delivering the value to your audience that they could be.
    • if you’ve prepared well, then your interview is going to be predictable.
    • If one of your questions is controversial, or you don’t know how your subject will respond, consider the possible responses and plan your own counter-response accordingly. (You might also discuss this with your interview subject beforehand. Let her know you are planning to ask the question and preempt any potential awkwardness.)
    • The more relaxed an interview subject feels, the more likely he or she is to open up and be candid.

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