Writer’s Links 04/11/2014 (p.m.)

  • I never really thought about it before but it seems that using “US” or “U.S.”  as a noun is somewhat debated.

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    • The Chicago Manual of Style prescribes spelling out United States as a noun in running text and reserving US for the adjective form only. CMOS also prefers US without periods, to match the US postal codes like AR, MI, and WY.
    • The AP Stylebook recognizes U. S. as a noun as well as an adjective. It calls for periods when the U.S. appears in a running text, but US without periods in a headline.
    • When it comes to formal speaking and written text, however, reserve the abbreviation for adjectival use and write out United States as the noun.
  • I don’t necessarily agree with the rankings but I do actually get paid by a few on this list.

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