Writer’s Links 04/14/2014 (p.m.)

  • The fact is that today’s writers need to also be business managers… especially in the era of blogging and self publishing.  This results in a feeling that you must do EVERYTHING and then the writer is overwhelmed.

    This article offers some solutions for narrowing down and focusing.

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    • in this age of the “writer as an entrepreneur” responsible for a growing share of the work required to not only create but also sell a book, adding management skills to our repertoire of abilities is not at all a bad idea.
    • as launch time approaches, authors get overwhelmed by thinking that they have to do “everything:” Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, ad campaigns, bookstore talks, conference panels, media articles, email newsletters, book clubs…you name it.
    • what our goals are beyond sales
    • Based on our mission and our definition of success, we can then work out a manageable set of steps to take in line with our specific interests and goals. We feel more in control and less anxious about having to “do it all.”
    • A more viable definition of success does have a quantitative element, but it doesn’t necessarily mean “number of copies sold or dollars earned.” It can mean other measurable outcomes such as landing a teaching job or a column in a respected publication.
  • These are just some kewl writing themed items.

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