Lumpy’s Links 04/23/2014 (p.m.)

  • A good article on why “flakes” actually rule.

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    • What we lack is focus. Everything looks good to us.
    • You’re not going to get a damned thing done until you actually know what you want to get out of it.
    • Just know what you want to get out of the thing you’re thinking about doing.
    • “Pivotal Technique,”
      • Step 1. Get nice and clear about what you want.
      • Step 2. Get completely, impeccably, bullshit-free clear about where you are now, with respect to that.
    • Flakes are flaky because the map seems impossible. Productive people are productive because the map seems real.

      The flakes are actually right, but a fat lot of good that does us. The productivity people follow their imaginary map, and because they’re doing something, they get somewhere. (Curse you, productivity people!)

    • Allen is very smart about this. It has to be the single next thing to take action on.
    • If you can’t do it in 20 minutes, it’s probably not the next action. Find the next action.
      • The plan in 7 reasonably painless steps

        1. When you’ve got something to do, figure out what you really want to get out of it.
        2. Do the Pivotal Technique. Think about what you want, then get clear about where you are right this minute. Notice the difference.
        3. Figure out the next action.
        4. Do what you feel like.
        5. Rinse, lather, repeat.
        6. Start a compost pile for ideas, notes, plans, and insights.
        7. Stick to a few primary areas of focus — three or four is a good number for a lot of people.

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