The Revolving Door of Washinton DC

To Be Filed Under “WTF?”

I honestly don’t know how or why the citizens of the world, especially those in the Corporate United States of America put up with the blatant greasy palm and revolving door politics.  I really wish I could tell people we live in a democracy.  Truth seems closer to a “Corporatocracy” of bullshit and lies.

Yesterday, in a post at Boing! Boing!, Cory Doctorow pointed to a very good read about just how bad it is in the area of intellectual property.  It seems that “US Trade Representative Stan McCoy has accepted a new job with the Motion Picture Association of Europe, Middle East, and Africa, a Hollywood lobbying group.”  Add to it, that just a few weeks ago, a former software industry lobbyist became the deputy trade representative.

The article is well worth the read and also worth clicking on the links with in it.  It may take you a good long while but you really should be aware of the fact that this treaty is nothing more than the agenda of various corporations and industries.  It has more to do with control of the people and ownership of the people than any representation of them.

Honestly, if the treaties and agreements are “for the people” why is that we only find out about the details when they are “leaked”?  I am under the impression that “traitors” would be representatives that make secret agreements for profit and gain.  Unfortunately, we now reserve that term for those who “leak” what is really going on.