Writer’s Links 04/17/2014 (p.m.)

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Writer’s Links 04/14/2014 (p.m.)

  • The fact is that today’s writers need to also be business managers… especially in the era of blogging and self publishing.  This results in a feeling that you must do EVERYTHING and then the writer is overwhelmed.

    This article offers some solutions for narrowing down and focusing.

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    • in this age of the “writer as an entrepreneur” responsible for a growing share of the work required to not only create but also sell a book, adding management skills to our repertoire of abilities is not at all a bad idea.
    • as launch time approaches, authors get overwhelmed by thinking that they have to do “everything:” Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, ad campaigns, bookstore talks, conference panels, media articles, email newsletters, book clubs…you name it.
    • what our goals are beyond sales
    • Based on our mission and our definition of success, we can then work out a manageable set of steps to take in line with our specific interests and goals. We feel more in control and less anxious about having to “do it all.”
    • A more viable definition of success does have a quantitative element, but it doesn’t necessarily mean “number of copies sold or dollars earned.” It can mean other measurable outcomes such as landing a teaching job or a column in a respected publication.
  • These are just some kewl writing themed items.

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Writer’s Links 04/13/2014 (p.m.)

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Lumpy’s Links 04/13/2014 (p.m.)

  • An interesting article on how trauma may be handed down but not by psychological transference nor DNA but by some other means of physiology.

    In other words, it is neither handed down from environment nor DNA. It seems that the passing of traits is influenced by the change in RNA due to the parents trauma and the change has been observed to extend to third generation.

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    • People who experience early childhood trauma, like abuse or war, often exhibit a number of hormonal imbalances. The mechanisms involved are poorly understood, but most scientists agree that traumatic events alter gene expression, which then causes misregulations in a number of biological processes. But whether these changes can actually be passed down to offspring is a controversial question, because it would imply that acquired traits — traits that aren’t actually encoded in DNA, but rather arise following certain experiences — are somehow being passed down through generations.
    • After the pups of the traumatized male mice were born, scientists monitored their behavior. As expected, these pups showed the same symptoms of trauma that their fathers did, despite having never undergone traumatic events themselves. And these symptoms were even apparent in a third generation of mice.
    • When researchers looked at the sperm of the traumatized mice, they discovered that the microRNAs in these sperm cells were also present in abnormally high numbers. “This means that germ cells — sperm in males and oocytes in females — are very sensitive to environmental conditions in early life,” Mansuy says, “and early childhood trauma has consequences not only for the brain but also for the germ cell line

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Writer’s Links 04/12/2014 (p.m.)

  • I must admit, I have heard most of these. However, I don’t fully agree with all the points.

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    • Take that advice beyond the beginning stages, though, and what you get are stories that really should move the reader but don’t, either because the emotions are all related from the outside or because the narrative doesn’t provide the sort of dense, information-rich substrata upon which complex characters are built.
    • Which leads me to my second point: Your story is about Gina, at forty, deciding whether or not to leave her boyfriend. Are you really going to spend half your story showing us Gina’s white-trash childhood in Elbridge, Michigan (a key bit of backstory)? Or are you just going to cut to the chase, provide a few key details, and move on?
    • But push this advice too far, and again, you’ll get stuck writing mediocre fiction. Because sometimes the things that don’t work are actually important. They don’t work not because they’re the wrong things, but because they’re the hard, ambitious, at-the-very-edge-of-what-you-even-know-how-to-say-things, and the only way to land them is to dig deeper, work harder, and sometimes even (god help you) add rather than cut.
    • To keep advancing you have to stretch your limits. And sometimes that means writing from the point of view of someone who is super not you.
    • Language is your Swiss army knife, and you can’t do shit like this with just the knife and the corkscrew.

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Writer’s Links 04/11/2014 (p.m.)

  • I never really thought about it before but it seems that using “US” or “U.S.”  as a noun is somewhat debated.

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    • The Chicago Manual of Style prescribes spelling out United States as a noun in running text and reserving US for the adjective form only. CMOS also prefers US without periods, to match the US postal codes like AR, MI, and WY.
    • The AP Stylebook recognizes U. S. as a noun as well as an adjective. It calls for periods when the U.S. appears in a running text, but US without periods in a headline.
    • When it comes to formal speaking and written text, however, reserve the abbreviation for adjectival use and write out United States as the noun.
  • I don’t necessarily agree with the rankings but I do actually get paid by a few on this list.

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Writer’s Links 04/10/2014 (p.m.)

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