Writer’s Links 05/06/2014 (p.m.)

  • While they seem like common sense, think about how often you see tutorials written that ignore these tips… especially number 1.

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    • To get people interested, you need to start with the Why — even when the Why seems obvious.
    • A great destination postcard is inspirational, taps into emotion, and paints a clear picture.
    • Good tutorials mix straightforward how-to’s with stories and examples to both educate and entertain.
    • Which are the most common mistakes you’d like to warn your readers for? And help them avoid? Sprinkle these mistakes — with advice on how to avoid them — over your tutorial, to keep readers captivated.
    • Your word choice has to be sharper and harder-hitting than the words you use when you talk because in writing you can’t scream, sing, or use wild gestures. Your words have to capture attention, express emotion, and get your message across.
      • To make your writing voice stronger and more dynamic:

        • Choose sensory words like creepy, bland, or dazzling
        • Pick emotional words like mesmerizing, mind-numbing, and captivating
        • Religiously tighten your text; and tighten it more
    • There’s one more thing you shouldn’t forget: A good teacher or mentor inspires her students to implement her ideas.

      Consider what might stop your reader from following your advice … and take away that final obstacle.

      When you encourage your readers to overcome their doubts and take action, they’ll hang on to your lips to hear each word.

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