15 Things About Pot – An Article at The Weather Channel

15 Things About Pot

Marijuana (Photo credit: warrantedarrest)

While checking the hourly weather this morning, I noticed an article at The Weather Channel.  It was about weed and 16 pages long.  I thought I might post a summary to encourage others to read it.  To be honest, most of the pages are more image than text and only a few paragraphs long.  I am not going to cover all 15 items here but just a few.

I am not entirely in favor of legalization of mood altering substances in general.  However, the reason there is so much debate regarding a weed that used to grow wild and keep ditches from washing out is because there are some good reasons for such.  Compared to the “drugs” that are legal, it is not too harmful.  Furthermore, cigarettes are the leading cause of preventable death and anyone of legal age can use them exactly as intended and kill themselves.

The first point, outside of the list, brought up is that due to the government’s long standing position on the plant, long term research is difficult to do.  The fact that coffee is legal makes it much easier to do research than so for any substance that is illegal.

Below is the bullet list of some of the 15 points:

  • It may fight cancer. Nonetheless, it is still not good for your lungs.
  • It suppresses your immune system. There are also studies, although somewhat questioned, which show more rapid HIV progression in pot users.
  • It does not mellow you out, but actually increases heart rate. The mellow part is motor impairment.
  • “Edibles” have a different effect than smoking the drug. Paranoia and dizziness are more likely.
  • All the marijuana used in medical research is from the same source. This may seriously skew research findings.
  • It is associated with lower IQs in teen users. This does not necessarily mean that it caused the lower IQs. It could also mean that teens with lower IQs are more likely to use.
  • It is addictive and you can experience withdrawal.
  • You can’t overdose on pot. There is no known record of overdose or death due to allergic reaction.

Okay now go read the rest of it.