Writer’s Links 05/12/2014 (p.m.)

  • I just signed up for this service today. It looks like a good source to find ideas to write/report on.

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    • Comment on their posts.
    • If you want to build a blog, the reality is that Twitter is one of the most important platforms for sharing, probably followed by Google+, at this point. If you’re in a home/food/how-to niche, Pinterest may be important to you as well. If Facebook seems like a place people talk about your topic a lot, it might be useful, too.
    • There are plenty of tools out there — among the most popular are AddtoAny, ShareThis, and Sharebar (which is what I’m currently using).
    • Reverse-engineer your social-media success by noticing what sorts of posts get shared a lot in your niche, and writing something along those lines.
    • the key ingredient: Write a strong headline
    • Use hashtags
    • Use a scheduler
    • Don’t just keep retweeting your headline and link. Instead, vary what you say.
    • Be sure you share other things inbetween the repetitions of your new post. Do some scanning, find some interesting stuff, and lace it into your schedule as well, so you don’t start looking like an obnoxious salesman and continue to appear to be putting out useful, varied info.

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Is There a Glimmer of Hope for Net Neutrality?

FCC chair cracks door open to reclassifying broadband as a public utility | Ars Technica.

I just caught this headline and had to post it.  Here is a short quote form the article:

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler isn’t abandoning his proposal to let ISPs charge Web services for access to Internet “fast lanes.”

But he will ask the public whether Internet service should be reclassified as a common carrier service, and whether paid prioritization deals should be banned, the Wall Street Journalreported last night.

While it is not a victory, it does show some potential. I wonder if they are ever going to consider the same basic consumer rights for cell phones?


Crowd-funding a Lunar Lion

Neil Armstrong, one of the first two men to la...
Neil Armstrong, one of the first two men to land on the Moon, and the first to walk on it, in 1969 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Lunar Lion – A Crowd-Sourced University-Built Lunar Lander

Crowd-funding has become a major player in many areas such as independent games.  Privatization of space exploration seems to be the way of the future.  So why not try crowd-funding some space exploration?

While many are talking about this, including Newt Gingrich, I still thought it worthy a mention here just because it has been a few weeks since I heard anything about it.  You can catch all the latest news on the project’s blog.

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Writer’s Links 05/12/2014 (a.m.)

  • A good list of tips to help you with your re-writes.

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    • The easiest way to write well is to edit your writing.

      The best person to edit a manuscript, article or blog post is the author herself.

    • Leave your writing alone for a while
    • Pay attention to what jumps out at you as awkward.
    • You’ll catch clunky sentences, missing and repetitive words, and misspellings.
    • Make a list of your most common offenders. Then search for those words and see if you can take them out without altering your intended meaning.
    • Take a look at each sentence and see how many words you can cut out.
    • Check to make sure you put commas before direct address in dialog.
    • The most mutilated verbs are lay, sink, drag, swim, and shine.
    • Flowery verbs such as quizzed, extrapolated, exclaimed, and interjected, stick out. Instead, use said and asked, with an occasional replied or answered.
    • When sentences begin with “it was” and “there were,” readers are left wondering exactly what “it” is. These words are vague.

      “It was hot today” can easily be replaced with “the sun baked his shoulders,” which paints a clearer picture. Think: strong nouns and verbs.

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