No, It IS About Winning

Fuck Emphatically Correct – There ARE winners and Losers

Duh (Photo credit: John “Lumpy” Lemke)

I am reading an article at Kristen Lamb’s Blog, Something Wicked This Way Comes & Why Writers Could Be in Great Danger.  It is discussing the dangers of this “everyone is special and a winner” trend currently rampant in the US education system.  I guess it is called “emphatically correct”.  And you thought “PC” was bad? While her point is pretty specific to reading, it got me thinking about just how wrong this trend is in general.

While I also agree that everyone is unique and special, I think that this new “everyone wins” philosophy in our education system is dangerous for many reasons. It makes about as much sense as arguing that an addict’s denial is a good thing since reality sucks.  Off the top of my head, I can easily list a few examples:

  • The first person in line shall be serviced first.  That is unless there is some other person in line who is “louder” and they may be serviced first in situations where the loudest are served first.  Nonetheless, the service was not based on “specialness” or “everyone is equal” but place in line or volume.
  • In general, the slowest and weakest prey are consumed first, the second weakest or slowest next and so on… Clearly there is an order to this which makes first place most appealing and each lower rank less so.  )Unless you are conducting the analysis from the perspective of the predator.)
  • The person with the most fight wins the fights.  The bullies on the playground of life don’t really care about your “specialness” outside the special fact that they can push your “everyone wins” ass around.
  • Everyone is not going to get there novel published.
  • Raises are, least in theory, based on performance.  Even if they are biased by being buddy-buddy or family with the boss, they are certainly not based on “everyone wins” otherwise we would all get raises all of the time.
  • “Everyone” does not get the job.  The one hired does and the other “equally special” folks are still job hunting..
English: truth Alone Wins
English: truth Alone Wins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I could go on but since we want our education system to avoid forcing you to read material that might cause you displeasure, I shall refrain.  I will simply close with “Life’s a bitch”, “It’s tough out there” and “You get out of it what you put into it”.  If those type or realities bother you, go back to your rainbows and unicorns.

I am sorry but winning DOES matter.  It matters much over the course of one’s lifetime.  Granted that it can vary in degree as to just how important it matters but, in life, it matters more than not.  Teaching this “EC” stuff makes about as much sense as trying to convince every adult that Santa Clause has them on a list.  It is a wrong and misdirected concept that has become a new form of denial allowing us to ignore reality.

I would rather see an education system that says “Life IS tough”, “You get out what you put in” and “why would you want to be a loser?”.  Sorry if that hurts your feelings.  If everyone gets a trophy, some of them should say “dead last place” for that is how the real world works.