Writer’s Links 06/30/2014 (p.m.)

  • Do you over use “while”?  If you better understand the many uses of the word, it is easier to find a substitute.

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    • The conjunction while, for example, tends to pop up in contexts in which a different conjunction may be the better choice.
    • temporal conjunction
    • to introduce clauses that express opposition
    • to introduce a clause that provides a contrast
    • If contrast is intended, the conjunction whereas would make the meaning clearer.
    • “adversative” conjunctions
    • temporal conjunctions
  • The important part of the finding is that writing is a skill that one can master over time.  While I agree with Stephen King in the sense that great writers can not be created, I also agree that anyone can become a decent writer.

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    • While visualizing your story may seem like the right way to approach writing, it turns out that for full-time writers, the brain performs a bit differently. When Dr. Lotze watched writers from a competitive creative writing program perform the same tests, he found that experienced writers, while brainstorming, used parts of their brains associated with speech instead of vision.
    • Novice writers, Lotze suggests, are more likely to watch the story unfold like a movie inside their heads.
    • And perhaps more importantly, write often. If creative writing is a skill your brain learns over time, then like anything else, the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

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Les Paul and Mary Ford

Mary Ford and Les Paul at work recording during the late 1940s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just as Much a Tech Guru as Guitar Wizard

I often have conversations with people who seem rather skeptical as to the accuracy of my statement.  Sorry, Les Paul was just as much an inventor and innovator as he was a musician. He invented a form of live looping by modifying a reel to reel, he had his own home studio, and, to him and Mary Ford, multi-tracking was just another day at the job. Check out this video for a taste of just how much so. Continue reading “Les Paul and Mary Ford”

Writer’s Links 06/29/2014 (p.m.)

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Zen Sarcasim

I originally published this here on August 15, 2005.  It is still funny today.

I do not often forward or post e-mails I get. I do, however, make exceptions. Here is one:

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Writer’s Links 06/27/2014 (p.m.)

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What is a Podcast?

The Voodoo Thing

This originally published here on 3 August, 2005.  I am rather amazed at how little the general public’s understanding of a podcast (or netcast) has changed.  I think I might have to rant on this topic more again in the near future, especially since iOS is now going to (finally!) include podcatching software by default. Continue reading “What is a Podcast?”

Writer’s Links 06/24/2014 (p.m.)

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