Gbrowser in the Works?

This post originally published on 26 May, 2005.  It is not a very “green” story at present but I am publishing it again simply because of what it did for me.  Matt Hartley picked it up at, a site I later wrote for, and also picked it up.  The result was about a quarter million site visits per hour… so be careful what you ask for lest you fry your server.

It is also interesting because, the browser war, especially with this talk of Firefox adding DRM, is still very much going on.

Browser Wars – The Saga Continues

Chris Pirillo wearing the Gnomedex 2007 t-shirt.
Chris Pirillo wearing the Gnomedex 2007 t-shirt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I began writing this entry, I was listening to The Chris Pirillo Show. More specifically, I am listening to his inteview with Robert McLaw. Robert is a Microsoft VIP and is one of the writers for Longhorn blogs. It is a good interview and I would suggest you download part one and part two and give the whole interview a listen. They discuss many thing, mostly longhorn and x64 processors. I actually listened to the entire interview twice so that I could adequately take notes.

One of the things which caught my ear was that there are rumors that Google may be releasing a browser. Apparently these rumors have been circulating for quite some time.

I think this would be a great thing. I feel that competition makes products better. Internet Exploder started to suck when it had most of the market. I am, personally, a diehard Firefox user. I don’t know what percent of the market Micro$oft claims to have but only 24% of the visitors to my site use it and Firefox users are at 44%. I like that. Nice to see the good guys get one.

It seems that Google has even registered and there seems to be much buzz elsewhere about it as well.

Lumpy hopes it is true.