Why Writers Should Keep a Journal

If You Wrote for Yahoo Voices, Get Your Work Now

While Yahoo Voices is not a personal concern of mine, I never wrote for them, I have had similar experiences elsewhere which currently have me questioning my lazy nature.  However, if you wrote for Yahoo Voices, it is time to collect your work.  They announced that the service is to end.

Before I even start on this rant, I must confess that I am horrible at this whole journal thing.  Yes, I do write daily.  However, I don’t journal daily.  I still have three milk crates of old stenography pads yet to digitize which date back to middle school when I first began to scribe my thoughts.  In my defense, I have this odd knack for finding material in the numerous piles.  I don’t get how I do it but I do.  I can find those song lyrics ascribed on that matchbook twenty years past as easily as if it were still in my pocket.  So why do I debate on this topic?

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