Jacob Appelbaum on American Monitoring

Here I Go Again

Jacob Appelbaum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Earlier today, I stated that I rarely give a video even 15 minuts. Yet I am about to post a video by Jacob Appelbaum. Jacob is an independent computer security expert and one of the key players behind the TOR Network.  He has won journalistic awards for his independent reporting and exposing our government’s behavior regarding spying on it’s own citizens.

He discusses just how bad our survellience state has become. It is worth the hour. More specifically, how nieve Americans are to think that we will not be targets. Continue reading “Jacob Appelbaum on American Monitoring”

One Heck of a Teacher and One Touching Story

I Almost Never Give a 12 Minute Video a Chance, I am Glad I Made an Exception for This One

I made an exception for this one.  I had far more kewl and awesome teachers than I deserved.  In hindsight, it is amazing the difference they can make in a student’s life.

Take a twelve minute break from your day and check this video out.   Do yourself a favor and don’t stop when you see him have cinder blocks smashed on his chest because that is before he gets to the real message.