Jacob Appelbaum on American Monitoring

Here I Go Again

Jacob Appelbaum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Earlier today, I stated that I rarely give a video even 15 minuts. Yet I am about to post a video by Jacob Appelbaum. Jacob is an independent computer security expert and one of the key players behind the TOR Network.  He has won journalistic awards for his independent reporting and exposing our government’s behavior regarding spying on it’s own citizens.

He discusses just how bad our survellience state has become. It is worth the hour. More specifically, how nieve Americans are to think that we will not be targets.

 A few interesting take-aways from it is that we are actually engineering our Internet in a way to perpetuate the current state. In other words, the surveillance state’s use of pervasive monitoring is perpetuating the realization of Big Brother.  He also mentioned the fact that if you use LinkedIn and you logged in with a browser, they already own you. I know many of you think that you have nothing to hide but should we all be in favor of this?  How much in tax dollars do such operations cost us?  And what ever happened to probable cause?

Most importantly, the NSA is targeting you, likely a better statement, targeting everyone.  In fact, if you look at the number of “terrorist” in the world, it would be best said that they are mostly targeting non-terrorist and everyone else.