A Sesame Street Episode That Will Never Re-Run

It Aired Once in 1976 and That Shall be the Last

Sesame Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found this bit of trivia interesting.  In 1976, Sesame Street inadvertently terrorized children to the point that complaints came in.  How did they do that?

It seems that some one had the idea to guest star Margaret Hamilton.  The did so by having her act as her best known role, The Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz. She lost her broom while flying over the make-believe neighborhood.  Naturally, Oscar was the only one who would talk to her and he even developed a crush for the wicked woman.  Eventually Big Bird warmed up to her as well.  The target audience however, did not share any love for this one.

Children’s Television Workshop did a few more test screenings after the original aired and the results varied.  It seems that the viewers who watched it in color were more fascinated with the green face of the witch.  In the end, they decided to never re-air that episode.  Maybe they should have tested this one out before they aired it?

Honestly, should they not have seen that one coming.