On This Day, Jim Henson was Born

Shouldn’t We Have a Jim Henson Day?

Seriously, why not?  How many lives did this man positively impact?  I can attest to the fact that Big Bird and Kermit had me reading even before I entered school. If we can have a National Hot Dog Day, we should have a Jim Henson Day.   Kudos to The Writer’s Almanac for bringing the date to my attention.

Not only did he aid in education but he successfully created a huge brand, The Muppets.  He also transformed what was originally a children’s show into main stream entertainment when he stubbornly refused to give up on his idea of The Muppet Show. A show that no network wanted to touch and then ran for five seasons.  At times, it dominated the ratings.  In honor an memory of his life, enjoy one of my favorites from the series, Why Can’t We be Friends?