Curiosity and Mars – The Stuff That Rover Finds

Some Mars Rover Things

For those of you who know and/or follow me, you know I am often off in space.  I love to read about space both in fiction and non-fiction.  I subscribe to a good number of space related feeds and often hear things that others miss.  I thought I might take a few minutes to post some Curiosity news and trivia.

It Found a Ball

This is not the first interestingly shaped rock the little rover has encounter but this near perfectly spherical rock adds to the belief that water once eroded the planet’s surface.  It has also found a traffic light, a jelly doughnut and a squirrel. (The Mars Rat to others.)  Please don’t think that I believe there are Martians there making these object.  I know they are too busy with the sphinx.

We Should Call it the Rover that Could

Despite a blunderous failures, specifically a math mistake causing us to create a 125 million dollar crater, we have had incredible success with Martian exploration. has a show of what has worked and what hasn’t.  Many of the NASA missions have wildly outlived their mission lengths.  Curiosity is doing it with a pretty serious limp.

Last But Not Least, There is Currency on Mars

Yup, among the many things we dropped on Mars, we dropped a 1909 penny with Curiosity.  It is part of how they calibrate the camera.