Facebook and Spammers

2 Billion from Suing Spammers

Honestly, who likes spam?  Anyone?

I didn’t think so.  I was happy to hear that Facebook has actually collected 2 million from spammers. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.  I feel that spam has no place in a social network. Continue reading “Facebook and Spammers”

Grab Your Junk for Charity?

What the ?

Personally, I never got why grabbing your junk became a thing.  Then again many musicians, both male and female, seem to think it pretty kewl. While both this idea and the ice bucket challenge have a point and purpose, I am not sure that this “grab your testicles” idea is going to viral. The idea is to increase awareness about testicular cancer by posting a photo or video with the hash tag #feelingnuts.  Again, I think it a noble idea but just a bit too strange for myself.

Coordinating vs Subordinating Conjunctions

Conjunction Clarification

I must admit that I still get confused on these from time to time.  The author at Daily Writing tips states that she received 3 request to clarify the use of “adverbial clauses of reason”.  Nice to know I am not alone because I feel stupid on this one at times.  If you are confused regarding the use of the comma in sentences, this article may be of use to you.  For myself, I found it of use. However, if you are not comma confused, it may be nothing more than a good read.

The Only Movie of Mark Twain

A Short Film of Mark Twain

It was shot by Thomas Edison

If your interested, they have audio if him as well over at Open Culture.

Coffee Shop 1

A Secret Coffee Shop

Imagine that you are a barista but you are not allowed to tell anyone.  Or, better yet, if you did you would have to kill them afterwards.  That is rather the theme of “Stealth Starbucks” of, as they print on the receipt, Coffee Shop 1.  According to this Washington Post article, the employees of this shop at Langley, Virginia are only permitted to tell others that they “work at a government office”.

There are some other issues with a top-secret coffee shop.  In an effort to not blow cover, they can’t put names on the cups to speed up the lines nor can they track customer data to offer them frequent use bonuses… no tenth cup free at this one.   The upside is that because few ever leave the compound, they are always busy.