Is Glenn Dead?

Is Glenn Really Dead?

Disclaimer and Warning – This post containse spoilers and speculation.  If you don’t wish your Walking Dead experience corrupted by my post, please don’t read further.

One thing for sure, the last episode of The Walking Dead was bloody.  Loaded with lots of zombies vs human and human vs human violence… lots of gore and death… basically most of the reasons to watch a zombie series.  More than one character dies.

The Walking Dead (season 2)
The Walking Dead (season 2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the things that many like about the walking dead is that characters die. Then again maybe not. I know people who abandoned the series when they killed Merle.  And just being honest, I would wager on  riots if they killed off Daryl.  In the latest episode, it looks like Rick might possibly have been bitten and, although some room for doubt, it looks like Glenn was eaten by a horde of undead.  In my opinion, it looked very much to be eaten.

However, here in lies the debate.  Some feel that those who feel he didn’t die are in denial.  Others have some valid reasons to argue that he shall return.  Here is what I figure:

  • In the past, the authors have had no issue with killing off major characters
  • However, they have also nearly killed more than once
  • RickRick has also been enar death more than once
  • I don’t think either of the charecters are going to die… yet
  • However, I don’t think we shall find out in the next episode… it would be better drama if the writers kept the audience in limbo

Well, those are my thoughts.  What are yours?