I Am Bringing Back Lumpy’s Links

Back in the day, I used to post a list of links every Friday.  I am going return to doing so except I think I will publish them on Sunday’s.  Lumpy’s Links are as follows:

  • L is for Ludicrous
  • U is for Useful
  • M is for Music
  • P is for Picture (or video’s even)
  • Y is for yours, something from my inbox of tweeted to me
  • S is for Science

I think you get the idea, so start sending in your suggestions.  I will publish the first list this weekend.

Will Robots make Social Security Obsolete?

robot photo
Photo by randychiu

I just read an article over at TechCrunch about an upcoming “createathon”.  This event is going to be focusing on emerging issue in the future.  As robotics and automation decrease the demand both skilled and unskilled jobs, will the change in job demand mandate some type of minimum income standard?

It seems reasonable to assume this will be the case.  Workers are being replaced by robots, the population is increasing and technology is constantly improving efficiency.  While one might think the idea is odd at first, it takes only a few moments of thought to see this is going to become a real issue for society.  Certainly seems a more important thing to debate rather than speculation on the colonization of Mars.

Walking Paper

Science is awesome!  By using a laser, check out what this graphene-based paper can do.

Originally, I found this over at Gizmodo.  I also found a little more at nature.com.  It is reported that this technology may be used for “robot muscle” and several-molecule-thin popup displays.  It works by a laser (or heat) forcing moisture out of the material.  When dry it folds one way and when moistened by humidity in the air it bends the opposite.  I wonder if it will lead to self-folding origami?


acorn photoYeah, that should have been acorns.  We all hear it, likely most of us do it ourselves as well.  And we all know at least one person who confuses such words often.  You know vivid or livid, etc.,

This post made me wonder what the best one I could recall was.

In a performance review, I once herd heard uttered,  “Now that you have gained some expedience, you should be contently improvising.”.  I continued to rapidly toss out comic remarks ever since… I didn’t last long in that particular position.

Seems there is a long list of these mistakes.  What is the best one you have ever heard?