My Ongoing Techno-Curse

My Love-Hate Relationship with Technology

While many compliment me regarding my ability to resurrect ancient hardware by installing and using Linux, I often refer to myself as one who is technologically cursed and impaired. Yes, I do have a Mac G5 running Debian, an old P4 running Ubuntu, an E1000 running Crunchbang, and a dual booting crunchbang/Ubuntu Studio Core2 Duo. However, the only way to actually do anything is to run all of them by linking them through Synergy and using one each for only one or two functions. Most of the time, it actually works pretty well, all be it slowly.

In theory, things should work as follows:

  • * The Mac is used for editing Google Docs and Audacity audio files. I also use it as my pod catcher syncing to my Sansa Clip.
  • * The old P4 is intended to handle email, tweets, and is my main storage machine, stacked with near a tera byte of shared storage. It also syncs with my ancient Palm M500. (While ancient, I still prefer Grafitti to any stylus entry system ever.  My first draft of this post was actually done on the M500 while traveling on a bus.)
  • * The Core2 Duo is the one I read news feeds and scribe posts on.
  • * Sounds like a good plan… Usually

Now for the cursed part… better stated as reality.

  • * If you are wondering why I haven’t done much with the material on Google Drive lately it is because that is the MAC G5’s job. For some reason it keeps trying to tell me it is 4 January, 1970. The browser is kind enough to tell me that Google’s security certificates are not valid until 18 November, 2015.
  • * If you are wondering why I haven’t responded to your emails it is because that task is the job of the P4. Seems it has a bad power supply.
  • * When I tried to check my email on my Core2 Duo, I ran out of drive space…. brilliant idea making it lean and mean eh?

I know it is time for some new hardware, but I don’t have the funds and other matters of a higher priority financially. Fortunately, a few Google searchs and some time in command line corrected the issues with the G5.

The P4, however, was another issue. I had another power supply, just not exactly the same case style… In the near future, I am going to have to do some handy work on the case. The current setup is rather frightening.

My P4
My P4

Fear not readers, I have a fire extinguisher with arms reach just in case.  Maybe you will get a future post from me regarding how I mod the cast to make things fit.

While I was drafting this post I was happy to hear and read that I am not the only one who has these love/hate feeling toward technology.  While listening to an episode of The Command Line Podcast the host mentioned some of the same feelings and also referenced another post by Cory Doctorow about why The Internet Will Always Suck.

The long and the short of my relationship is that I take what I have and just figure out a way to make it work.  Isn’t that what any hacker does?

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment, share your techno-disaster, and, if you wish, hit me with a PayPal Tip.

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