The Roscoe Rap from Tapeheads

A Hillarious Video Roscoe’s Rap from the Movie Tapeheads

While I saw the movie a long time ago, I was reminded of it again a few months past.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t because of the Roscoe’s Rap I am about to share.  Seems that one of the Roscoe’s, yes it is a real restaurant chain, lost a racial discrimination suit and not for the movie, Tapeheads.

Nonetheless, Tapeheads’ executive producer had a great reputation for comedy.  You might actually remember a certain Monkee named Michael Nesmith.  You know the one who was always trimming his hat. He had a couple great comedy releases in the 80s, Elephant Parts, and Television Parts.  Enough already, it is time for Roscoe to “give you the bird”.

I hope you enjoyed the video.  I rather liked the scratch waffle work.  If you like movies, check back here once in a while, from time to time this former video store owner will post a few links and reviews.

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