A 50 Caliber Mouse Trap

Serious Overkill – A 50 Caliber Mouse Trap

Gizmodo brought this crazy contraption to my attention. I tend to disagree with the Gizmodo headline stating that it is “probably overkill”.  It totally is overkill. Like bringing a shoulder launch missile to an archery tournament. Check out the image below.

50 Caliber Mouse Trap
50 Caliber Mouse Trap

While you may think this is some type of joke, it is not.  Perhaps the most frightening aspect of this device is that someone was serious enough about it to file a patent on the “animal trap”. (That is where I got the picture from.)

Personally, I have a hard enough time baiting a regular mouse trap. I end up tripping the things when I go to place them. I would be afraid of a fatal “oops” in this case.