10,000 Sparklers Lit at Once

10,000 Sparklers Lit at Once

English: Sparklers with a slow shutter speed o...
English: Sparklers with a slow shutter speed of 4 seconds. Taken new years eve 2008 in a public park in Dover Heights, New South Wales. I got my young cousin to stand as still as possible whilst rotating both sparklers in a circular motion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is one of those “don’t try at home” items. What happens when you cram 10,000 sparklers into a bucket and then light them?

Honestly, I love fireworks of all types.  As long as I know they are going to go “bang”, they don’t trip off my PTSD.  One could debate whether one would need to be a pyro to attempt such a stunt.  However, I think most of us would want to, at a safe distance, witness 10,000 Sparklers all burning at once.  I confess that I sure want to see it. However, being aware of the fire risk, I doubt I would foster the courage to actually attempt the stunt on my own.  Lest not forget the fact that a huge plume of sparks and fire would certainly lead to fire, police and arrest in my urban neighborhood.

The Boing! Boing! article I happened upon this at stated that it would take 2 days to go though the 10,000 sparklers if you lit them one after another. Who has time for that?

Fortunately, the sub-titled Slivki Show spared us all the danger by showing us how to do it and what happens when the fuse is lit.

10,000 Sparklers Lit at Once

While I think it is pretty kewl, I would, again, suggest not attempting this 10,000 sparkler trick at home.

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