Woman Dances with Bees

Woman Dances with Bees

Another “don’t try this one at home”.

honeybee photo
Photo by Franco Folini

I found this at Urban Farm Online. While not for those with a fear of bees, this is still a really neat video. This woman dances with bees.

Sara Mapelli, also known as “the Bee Queen” places the queen honeybee in a necklace. The hive is attracted to the queen and the bees cling to her as she then dances with bees. Check out the video after the break.

Again, don’ try this at home.  As a former beekeeper, I confess I think this a pretty kewl form of expression. Honeybees, if treated properly, are usually fairly docile when the keeper is in the hive.  They are always attracted to the queen.  This performer takes advantage of both.

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