Lumpy’s Links for 2016.01.17

Lumpy’s Links for 2016.01.17

Got em done and forgot to put them up… doh!

Here they are:

  • Ludicrous – A man fleeing authorities because of an active warrant, didn’t like his mug shot. So Donald A. “Chip” Pugh sent the police a selfie to use instead! … get this, the dude is not alone in selfie stupidity, Victor Almanza-Martinez, took a break from armed robbery to exchange SnapChat information and take a selfie (with one of the victims).
  • Useful – Once I had someone, trying to use impressive words, tell me “now that you have gained expedience, you should be constantly improvising at your job”. I bet that person would benefit from The Top Ten Confused Words. (Not that I would ever split hares over something like that.)
  • Music – I heard The Violent Femmes’ are releasing an album. I share an NPR sneak peek after the break.
  • Photo – This photo of the makes for an awesome desktop wallpaper.
  • Yours (Something from the web’s social networks) – Nothing this week
  • Science – In space this week, SpaceX got the satellite up but had a rough landing

The Violent Femmes’ – Memory

There are pre-order links at the All Songs Considered post.

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