Huge Windmill Fireworks Display

Huge Fireworks Display

Another don’t try this at home

When Colin Furze hit 2 million YouTube subscribers, he celebrated big time. A huge whirling, spark-throwing, and exploding big time way.  He created a windmill-like fireworks display. I admit, he got one more subscriber with this stunt… me. While I am not going to try it, I will sure watch it.

I admit that I love fireworks. I could not count all the old SLR time lapse photos of them I have in a photo box. The video after the break is off the hook. The 120 firework pin-wheel is pretty impressive.

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Bruce Lee’s Lost TV Interview

Bruce Lee’s Lost TV Interview

In Hong Kong, teams visited the memorial statu...
In Hong Kong, teams visited the memorial statue of martial artist and film star Bruce Lee on the Avenue of Stars. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An Open Culture article brought my attention to this video. The 25-minute interview originally took place in 1971. I know a good number of people who are into the martial arts. I thought they might like it if I gave this shout out.

If you are interested in more Bruce Lee, his audition for The Green Hornet, for example, there are links in the article at Open Culture. The video is after the break.

This work has fortunately fallen into public domain.

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