Things NOT to Re-Gift – Engagement Rings

Re-Gift Idea Fails – The Engagement Ring

To be filed under “Can’t make this stuff up”

There are two things about this story that hit me immediately. The first is obvious, “could he be that stupid?”. However, I did know an individual who actually did re-gift an engagement ring.  Seems this type of stupid runs more common than one would first think. I get the stupid part, there is just one detail I am curious about.

engagement ring photo
Photo by ilovebutter

It seems reasonable that one could be dumb enough to re-gift an engagement ring.  Bearing in mind that stupidity is linked closely to genetics, a general characteristic of the one afflicted, and not specific to a single category.  Therefore, it is also possible that he left photos of his ex-girlfriend wearing the ring lying around as well.  So the stupid part is no too difficult to visualize.  His current girlfriend sees the picture, notices the identical ring and flips out.

A physical confrontation occurs, the re-gifter is slightly damaged and the police fun ensues.  Now that part is all clear.  Now for the one thing, the “metal object”, I want to find out more about.

It is one phrase that has me perplexed, “grabbed a metal object attached to the bed and hurled it at his head”… That quote from the original story makes me go “hmmm”.  Okay, hit him in the head with a hard object I get.

I am mentally walking through my bedroom… what type of metal object do you have attached to your bed?  was it intended to be removable? I really want to know what that metal object is.  For now, it is likely evidence.  The fiance has been released on bond and told to stay away from the re-gifter.