Thanks for the Memories – Cleveland Indian Highlights

Some Tribe Highlight Videos

Cleveland Indians photo
Photo by ThisisCLE

Before I even get to the post, Cleveland Indian highlights, I wish to say kudos to The Chicago Cubs. Unlike some of my fellow Clevelanders, I am not that upset with the loss. This season was a wonderful ride and I would like to thank “The Tribe” for more great memories. And for you Cubs fans who wanted to rub it in, shut up already… it is not going to take us over a century to be the champions. 😛

When I first thought of doing this post, the Cleveland Indians were in game 6 of the 2016 World Series. Originally, I was going to look for 2016 highlights. When I began searching Google and YouTube for highlights, found a many, many great clips from earlier years. While I intend to do a 2016 highlight post in the future, today, I am going to focus on seasons further past.

Personally, I loved watching Kenny Lofton play. He seemed to triple the excitement of any game. I shall start with him and a catch I shall never forget. Not only did Kenny Lofton rob the batter of a home run but he also threw the ball in quick enough to hold the runner at first base.

4 August, 1996 – Kenny Lofton Incredible Center Field Catch

While on Kenny Lofton, let us not forget what a great offensive player he was as well. On 3 September, 2000, Lofton started the Indians off with the first hit, stole five bases, laid down an incredible bunt and ended the 13-inning game with a home run.

An Incredible Offensive Day for Lofton

How about a nice 14-minute collection of Cleveland Indian’s Highlights?

Cleveland Indians Highlights 1994 to 2014

How about some highlights from 2015?

2015 Indian’s Highlights

While I have watched much baseball, I usually don’t get glued to the tube until the playoffs roll around. I enjoy listening to the games as they call each play. As for I, Herb Score and Tom Hamilton are both big parts of my fond memories.

Tom Hamilton’s Top Ten Play Calls

Last but certainly not least, a tribute done by a local news station to honor an iconic Cleveland Indian, the late Herb Score.

WKYC’s Tribute to Herb Score

Thanks for reading and watching, if you have a favorite video of the Indians, feel free to post a comment.