The Times Are Changing for Medical Marijuana but Not in Texas

Changing Times Regarding Medical Marijuana While Texas Lags Behind

While surprised by many of the results in our recent election, the number of states legalizing marijuana is not on my list. According to this 2015 article at Pew Research Center support for marijuana legalization has been growing, younger generations are even more in favor of it, and nearly half of all Americans have tried it.

I am not here to argue about whether recreational use should be legal. I have said for decades that the criminal charges for possession are far too harsh and that it is incomprehensible that it is not already legal for medical use.  At my age and with my health issues, I currently do NO recreational drugs, legal or otherwise.

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As of our 2016 Presidential election, 26 states and the District of Columbia have legalized “pot” in some form and 3 more shall join that number soon. According to the infographic in an article at Governing, 8 of those states legalized it for recreational use.

It is nice to see the state using their “sovereignty” as they should. However, it is sad to see that, in some locations, it is not going to do patients much good for some time. So what if you are part of the older generations who are opposed to any form of legalization of the drug?

You can move to Texas where it is still illegal and they have some of harshest possession laws in the USA. There is no medical marijuana in Texas.  It is completely illegal.  Possession of edibles is a felony.  The following video on YouTube, quoting their statement, is:

“…not an anti-drug campaign. It is not a pro-drug campaign. It is an educational campaign. Do what you’re going to do, but be aware of the legal consequences.”

Pot Brownies

So remember, never to “bake your shake” in The Lone Star State or you might be there for a really, really long time. Thanks for reading. Kudos to Crime Feed for the video find. Also be sure to check out more videos by Hutson & Harris, Attorneys at their YouTube Page.