Anti-Darwinism Warnings – Warnings for the Dumb

Labels and Signs that Prevent Darwinism

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We have all seen stupid warning signs and labels before. This post is going narrow the dumb factor specifically to labels and signs that prevent Darwinism. That said a formal definition is in order but before that a few disclaimers.

First off, if you are easily offended by sarcasm, you may wish to stop reading now. Secondly, links will be provided to actual signs when possible, however, these links may cease to function shortly after the post date. These type of images on the web have a tendency to vanish. Finally, please keep in mind that this a satirical, humorous post… not to be taken too seriously. I do not actually endorse removing stupid people from the gene pool.

Definition of Darwinism

1: a theory of the origin and perpetuation of new species of animals and plants that offspring of a given organism vary, that natural selection favors the survival of some of these variations over others, that new species have arisen and may continue to arise by these processes, and that widely divergent groups of plants and animals have arisen from the same ancestors.

2: a theory that inherent dynamic forces allow only the fittest persons or organizations to prosper in a competitive environment or situation.

In layman’s terms, it is often termed “survival of the fittest”. In the context of this post, definition 2 is more relevant. Mainly the focus is that our society is so protective that we let too many survive. This post is themed “stupid people shouldn’t breed” or “death to the dumbest”.

A Few We Have All Seen – Road Signs

For these, the links will be left out. You can find almost all  at the Manual of Traffic Signs Page.

  1. “Caution Exit Ramp Slippery When Wet”
  2. “Caution Water on Road During Rain”
  3. “Bridge Ices Before Road”
  4. “Do Not Stop on Tracks” by railroad crossings
  5. Also by the railroad track “Do Not Drive on Tracks”
  6. Okay, this one gets a link, a “Do Not Pass” warning for pedestrians at a railroad crossing

Signs to Save Stupid Lives

  1. “Do Not Breath Under The Water” at a pool (link)
  2. “Toilets and urinals flushed with reclaimed water Do Not Drink” (link)
  3. “0FT 0IN No Diving” at a swimming pool (link)
  4. A “No Diving” logo on a toilet (link)
  5. A “This product contains peanuts.” in front of a bin of peanuts (link)
  6. It doesn’t really matter where you see this one… “Please do not sit on crocodile”(link)
  7. “CAUTION FIRE IS HOT”(link)
  8. “CAUTION Please be aware that the balcony in not on ground level”(link)
  9. “DO NOT any person in this washer”(link)
  10. “DANGER Do not hold the wrong end of a chainsaw”(link)

Stupid Warning Labels

  1. Any electrical appliance that warns you not to use it in the shower or bath
  2. “Do Not Iron While Wearing Shirt” on an iron-on-transfer package (link)
  3. “Allergy Advice Contains Peanuts” on a bag of peanuts (link)
  4. “Caution:Do Not Swallow”on a coat hanger (link)

More Dumb Labels

I found these at a Readers Digest.

  1. “Not Intended for Highway Use” on a wheelbarrow
  2. “Avoid pouring on crotch area” on a cup of coffee
  3. “Never use a lit match or open flame to check fuel level” on a jet ski
  4. “Do not allow children to play in the dishwasher” on a dishwasher
  5. “Caution: Risk of Fire” on a fireplace log
  6. “Harmful if Swallowed” on a fishing hook
  7. “May irritate eyes” on pepper spray

Thanks for reading. If you enjoy these type of links you may wish to check out a wider array of stupid warnings and signs at the links below.