Why Is It En Vogue to Hate Nickelback?

Why Is It En Vogue to Hate Nickelback?

Unless you consider “any publicity is good publicity” as a strategy, who would want to be part of Nickelback? There are certainly bands that are much worse. Heck, The Monkees and Spinal Tap were fictitious bands that ended up touring. I am indifferent regarding their music. I like some of it but how does a band go platinum and remain so hated? It makes no sense but it is en vogue to hate them.

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Sorry if you disagree, however, based on all of the publicity, I argue that they are hated. Perhaps not literally but it is certainly the in fashion thing the past few years. Most recently, Canadian law enforcement threatened to punish drunk drivers by repeatatively playing Nickleback to those picked up for drunk driving. While the police later aploligized and said that it was nothing more than a joke, one has to still wonder. Perhaphs the transporting officers objected or, also likely, could a judge not rule such treatment as cruel and unusual punishment?

Before that, there were not one but two petitions circulated begging that the band not be allowed to perform. Most recently not to play the Thanksgiving Halftime NFL Show and, previous to that, London. Both petitions failed. The London petition was allegedly backed by the band and for charity; and they still played halftime. However, the gala event show lasted less than four minutes. One song and the crowd booed them off stage.

Again, I don’t get it. The media reports they were booed off stage but listen to the audio from the cell phone video below.

Where’s the Boos?

I dunno, maybe they only booed near the press box.

As far back as last year, a man agreed to subject himself to what he described as torture by continusly listening to Nickelback for a full week to raise money for charity. What band could you listen to for a full week and not consider it torture?

Reseaching this, one marginally possible reason might exist. Could it be that they are accused of plagerizing their own music? Before we continue let’s have a listen and see if they actually do.

This is How You Remind Me Someday

Hmmm? Does it actually matter? Rap samples music, if you know only seven chords you can play just about any song ever written by The Who (or most other rock bands of the seventies), and some musicians use the same chords and just change the key with a thing called a capo. Besides, mashups are in and that one didn’t sound too bad. What is the difference between a rock guitarist and a jazz guitarist? The rock guitarist plays 3 chords in fromt on 3000 people and the jazz player rips out 3000 chords before a crowd of 3.

To conclude, I feel that Nickleback is getting a bad rap. Do you want some torture? See if you can make it all the way through this performance.

Cover Your Ears

The lessson from the above video is if you hire a dude to video and record your show, make sure you actually pay him.

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