Space Photos and Donald Pettit

Space Photos and Donald Pettit

Space photos are awesome. Donald Pettit is credited to have shot tens of thousands of photographs from space. Mr. Pettit is an astronaut, engineer and an astrophotographer. He spent 370 days on The International Space Station.  What an awesome photographic specialty!

Donald Pettit
(15 January 2003) — Astronaut Donald R. Pettit, Expedition 6 NASA ISS science officer, photographs his helmet visor during a session of extravehicular activity (EVA). Pettit’s arms and camera are visible in the reflection of his helmet visor. Astronaut Kenneth D. Bowersox, mission commander, is also visible in visor reflection, upper right.

For those of you who don’t know me, a disclaimer, I grew up watching “one small step for man…”. I have a have a list of astronauts I follow on Twitter. The late John Glenn was the person I imitated with my first Halloween costume. I read,, and Astronomy Picture of the Day. In short, I am just slightly biased regarding space being the totally kewlest thing.

To be honest, I am surprised I missed this. Kudos, to Science Friday for the enlightenment.  (Won’t happen again, he has been added to my space tweeps list.)

Donald Pettit has been interested in photography since the Kodak Brownie, has actually attended an Ansel Adams seminar and is very creative. If you wish to hear a non-photographic aspect of his creativity, he shares some of his poetry on the Science Friday segment.

The astronaut also shared some of his technical knowledge on astrophotography in the segment and more in this interview with Time magazine. You can view samples of his photos at Science Friday. You can follow @astro_pettit on Twitter and, the best news, he released a book, Spaceborne.

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