Lumpy’s Links for 2016-12-24

Lumpy’s Links for 2016-12-24

Sorry for being a day late this week but my Christmas baking and cooking was more of a priority. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all. Here is this week’s list of links and stuff.

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  • Ludicrous – Funny, odd, strange, bizarre or humorous
  • Useful – Software, references, lists, etc.,
  • Music – Music, music tech, music videos and album releases
  • Photo – Pictures, drawings, animation and videos
  • Yours – Something from email or social media
  • Science – Anything science or technology related


Christmas Tree Prank

If I tell you it will spoil the surprise. Check out the optical illusion this man created for Christmas.

Waaay Overdue

Good thing they waived the late fees, a library book is returned by the granddaughter of the borrower 120 years later.

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A BS Detector for Your Browser

Fake news is getting to be a problem. (In the next few weeks, I plan on a post here on the topic.) While there are ways to discern BS sites, the average user is not going to want to deal with that. At the begining of this month I came across a BS Detector Plugin. I have been using it since the fourth of this month and have noticed no issues.

The plugin is currently avialble for Chrome and Firefox. Safari and Edge support are currently on their roadmap. If you wish to use it with other browsers, you can install Tampermonkey and add the script.


When I do writing research, I love to hilight web pages. While Diigo supports hilighing, the free account limits the number of hilights you may have. Starting the 18th of this month, I decided to try a Chrome plugin, Liner. I am pleased to report that it seems to work very well. Additionally, when I save the page to Evernote the hilights show up when I log into Evernote.
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A Christmas Carol service in Sri Lanka accidentally printed Tupac Shakur’s Hail Mary lyrics instead of the traditional words.

Bon Iver

In my humble opinion, this live concert is an hour well spent.

Bon Iver – Live at Pioneer Works Warehouse in Brooklyn NPR

Juliana Wilson – Blah Blah Blah

I was really glad to happen on this 13-year old talent.

Juliana Wilson

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A Neat Optical Illusion

Christmas in Space

The video below is from last year, but I sure you will be able to find one for this year once Christmas actually arrives.

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Sheila Burke

This talented young artist reached out to me via Twitter. I am glad she did, check out my review at

Brene Wilson – Stay

Brene Wilson has been on my playlist even before I launched Indie Nation. He posted a new release, Stay to our Google+ Page. The EP, Dreaming in Color was released ysterday.

SexCpackages – Treevenge

Earlier this week I posted Carnage for Christmas, a rather gruesome video of Santas vs penguins. @SexCpackages replied with a neat video of Christmas from the Christmas Tree’s perspective, Treevenge. (Warning – This 16-minute feature contains strong language, some soft sex, and lots of gore.)

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Binary Brains

Recent research looked at how the brains in two separate species of laboratory animals. The researchers selected 7 different areas of the brain to see how decisions were made. The research implies that in all 7 areas it is done by base 2 math.

Artificial Leaf

There has been talk of artificial leaves before. These bioengineered-CO2-sucking-sunlight-powered energy producers are even reported to be economically viable. More recently, it seems that Germany has discovered a process that would be more efficient than natural cells. This new method would produce about 25% more energy and do so possibly 2-3 times faster than natural cells. Natural cells convert carbon dioxide into complex sugars via enzyme reaction. The natural process is slow and may take 5 attempts to actually work. By using different enzymes, bioengineers believe they can speed the process up and have it take fewer attempts. This new 11 step process, however, is far from deployable. The engineers still need to figure out how it will fare in an actual cell. This improved Calvin cycle is still decades from fruition.

A Fleet of Electric Buses

Wether you buy global warming or not, our increasing energy demand mandates that we make a change over to cleaner and renewable energy. Additionally, Americans are going to have to break their long-time love affair with their cars. Public transit, ride-sharing and even vehicle sharing are all part of the inevitable future.

Hyundai has announced plans to manufacure a fleet of electric buses and deploy them in South Korea and China. It is reported that LG will likely provide the batteries. The buses will have a range of about 60 miles. While that may not seem like a great range, keep in mind that buses follow set routes. Although the article didn’t mention it, it would not be difficult to place inductive charging stations along the bus routes.

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I have a bit of a bonus for you this week. This on is so stupid it goes in “Things the make you go ‘Hmmmm’ Category. I resulted in two arrest… no suprise.

Mannequin Challenge – Hood Shootout

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