Lumpy’s Links for 2016-12-30

Lumpy’s Links for 2016-12-30

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Redneck Fails

Fail Army is well worth subscribing to on YouTube.

Redneck Fails

Ultimate Fails Compilation for 2016

Of course, they do a best of…

2016 Fail Compilation

If you are interested, part two is already up on their YouTube page.

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ABS on Snow

I have had arguments with many a friend who believe that ABS is good for stopping on snow. I have known for years, that is not the case. Check out this article at Jalopnik which explains and shows why ABS brakes are not necessarily the best thing for stopping on snow.

Break Into or Out of Almost Anything

I am not endorsing breaking in but there are times when we do get locked out. Lifehacker has a nice list of how to break into or out of many things.

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Star Wars Musical

Songify the News on YouTube has unearthed rare footage from Star Wars – The Musical.

Star Wars, The Musical

AURORA – Winter Bird

I enjoyed both the music and the use of the drones in the video.

AURORA – Winter Bird

You can find AURORA at:

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Iron Man

Gizmodo reports that The Toys Asia id releasing a life-sized Iron Man suit. It opens and closes just like the charter’s suit. However, there is not enough room for you to actually fit inside of it. In my opinion, if I am going to pay 360 K for armor, I want to be able to actually wear it.

Iron Man Armor

Snow in the Sahara

While not a “once in a lifetime” event, the last time this happened was 1979. Landsat 7 captured the image below on 19 December 2016.

Snow in the Sahara

The Horsehead Nebula

It is an amazing image but due to copyright, I can only link to it. The Horsehead Nebula. The Astronomy Picture of the Day website is a daily visit for me. The also offer a free calendar.

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Year of the Reaper

Daydream 4K

@Frauenfelder is someone to follow. He is research director at @iftf, founder of Boing! Boing!, editor in chief of Cool Tools, and hosts honline classes. He posted this to twitter earlier this week.

You can find out more about the video at Boing! Boing!.

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Two Atom Radio

Although the Science Daily article does not mention the actual size of the radio, it claims the diamond based device would work almost anywhere.

Biggest Scientific Discoveries of 2016

Gizmodo has a nice wrap of what we discovered this past year.

CERN Observes the Light Spectrum of Antimatter

This may be the discovery of the year. Since matter and antimatter interact to destroy each other any research of this type is mind blowing. The ALPHA Project has observed the light spectrum of antihydrogen for the first time. If you wish to exercise your cranial cavity, read the paper published in Nature.

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Find my Phone

Find my Phone is a 30-minute short film that is, in my humble opinion, worth the watch.

Find my Phone

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