The Dancing Baby Wins!

Let’s Go Crazy for the Dancing Baby!

scales of justice photo
Photo by RaeAllen

While the Internet is about many things, cute kittie photos, viral videos and, unfortunately, Rule 34.  It also a great tool for freedom of expression, fair use and sharing information.  True, it can harbor pirates, those who break copyright laws, but freedom of expression is a double-edged sword.   I can’t ban the Koran and still, justly and fairly, have my Bible.  In order to function, it must be completely open and accessible to all, equally and fairly.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way.  There are some who believe in suppression of ideas, filtering and censorship.  I call bullshit.  Let me take my chances with that sword. Continue reading “The Dancing Baby Wins!”

Grab Your Junk for Charity?

What the ?

Personally, I never got why grabbing your junk became a thing.  Then again many musicians, both male and female, seem to think it pretty kewl. While both this idea and the ice bucket challenge have a point and purpose, I am not sure that this “grab your testicles” idea is going to viral. The idea is to increase awareness about testicular cancer by posting a photo or video with the hash tag #feelingnuts.  Again, I think it a noble idea but just a bit too strange for myself.

Talk About Politically Incorrect

A Mashup

I don’t normally watch many videos.  However, I am a huge follower of Cory Doctorow and Boing! Boing!.  His post caught my attention.

Personally, I do’t know much about this “progressive” candidate.  However, looking over her Wikipedia entry I think her mind reminds me of the Cleveland weather… “just wait 20 minutes and it will change”.

Maybe she won’t have that debate with her opponent because she is too busy debating herself?

Jacob Appelbaum on American Monitoring

Here I Go Again

Jacob Appelbaum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Earlier today, I stated that I rarely give a video even 15 minuts. Yet I am about to post a video by Jacob Appelbaum. Jacob is an independent computer security expert and one of the key players behind the TOR Network.  He has won journalistic awards for his independent reporting and exposing our government’s behavior regarding spying on it’s own citizens.

He discusses just how bad our survellience state has become. It is worth the hour. More specifically, how nieve Americans are to think that we will not be targets. Continue reading “Jacob Appelbaum on American Monitoring”

Ooopsie, Thugs Pick Wrong Place to Rob

Robbers Did Not Know Clerk was MMA Champ

It seems like these criminals knew enough to stake out the store, to jump the assistant manager when he arrived with the cash bag but not enough to know the clerk inside was a six time MMA champ.

Lunar Lion Update

Lunar Lion Project Still Has 90 Days and Could Use Your Help

This artist's rendering represents a concept o...
This artist’s rendering represents a concept of possible activities during future space exploration missions. It depicts a human tended lunar base. JSC2004-E-18833 (April 2004) (NASA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back in May I came across the Lunar Lion Project.  It is a crowd-funded project to have some college students put something on the Moon.  All in all, in my opinion, a very kewl project.

I think the goal of these student’s is not only ambitious but can serve as an inspiration for even younger students to attempt to do even greater things.  I am of the opinion that the various NASA projects not only gifted mankind with technological innovation but also filled universities with physics, engineering and other hard disciplined students. If America is going to continue to be a competitive nation, we need such students for it is obvious the future is in cutting edge technologies.

I checked in on the project yesterday and it seems they still have a long way to go.  So, please, if you can donate, do so.  If not, at least spread the word by posting and tweeting about the project.

Extinction or De-extinction?

Young passenger pigeon.

Don’t get me wrong, I love animals and nature.  I think it is sad that mankind has driven so many animals to the brink of or literal extinction.  I am also an avid reader who tries to keep up with our destructive ways.  I am in favor of conversation and alternative energy not because I feel that we understand the environment and our impact on it but because we have no clue.   Continue reading “Extinction or De-extinction?”