I Need a Tow

I Need a Tow

This is a re-post from before I wiped out lumpyscorner.com and started over. It was originally published here 19 April, 2012.

Most who know me often say “you should write a book” or “the stuff that only happens to Lumpy”. While I am not one to disregard the suggestions of friends, the truth is that I would be a fool if I wrote because I was told to do so.  If one wishes to succeed at writing, one must have a desire to write, not an instruction.

Depending on my success at endeavors of the pen, it is either good fortune or poor fate for the reader that, not only do I keep a journal but that my life is rich with events destined to “only happen to me”.

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Progressive Presents CLE

Kudos to Progressive

No body likes to see their town die. Most of my life, I watched industry and trade leave my hometown of Cleveland. Once one of the largest cities in the country, we became known as a symbol of urban decay. It was a sad time.

Cleveland still has much to offer. I could go on for hours just mentioning some of our famous architecture. While a colorful history is one thing, I would rather see a bright future.

While Cleveland has yet to return to it’s full glory, it is now moving in an upward direction. The city looks the best it has in my lifetime. It is nice to see companies such as Progerssive presenting us in a positive light. Check out the video below.

Progressive – CLE

The 2016 World Yo-Yo Contest

Modern yo-yos.
Modern yo-yos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While most of my fellow Clevelanders are fixated on Cleveland Hosting 2016 Republican National Convention, I happened on news of another huge event to be hosted here as well.  A worldwide competition last year hosted in Japan,  The International Yo-Yo Foundation has decided that Cleveland is to host the 2016 World Yo-Yo Contest.

Personally, I think that this better than the RNC… after all it is pretty hard not to have good memories of yo-yos.  Not the same can be said for many a politician.

Almost all of us have played with a yo-yo. They are nearly a universal toy, at least as common as the top.  Almost every culture has yo-yos.  They were a bit of an explosive fad in the 70s with the, now famous, Ducan Butterfly… every kid wanted one.  I was among those kids.  I still have two Duncan light up yo-yos in my dresser drawer.

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