Lumpy’s Links for 2016-12-24

Lumpy’s Links for 2016-12-24

Sorry for being a day late this week but my Christmas baking and cooking was more of a priority. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all. Here is this week’s list of links and stuff.

The categories are (click on the category to jump right to it):

  • Ludicrous – Funny, odd, strange, bizarre or humorous
  • Useful – Software, references, lists, etc.,
  • Music – Music, music tech, music videos and album releases
  • Photo – Pictures, drawings, animation and videos
  • Yours – Something from email or social media
  • Science – Anything science or technology related

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The Gen Con Experience

Gen Con 2014 – Awesome, Overwhelming, Exciting and More than Satisfying

There are many reasons to go to Gen Con.  Likely the biggest is their slogan “The Best Four Days in Gaming”.  While I do game, it was not the main reason I ended up at the 2014 event.  I went primarily to meet, record and interview some of the musicians we play at  I also went because Through Gamer Goggles offered me a free space on the floor in their hotel.  In short, I had an affordable opportunity.  It was my first Gen Con.  It was one heck of an experience and I thought I should write about it here. Continue reading “The Gen Con Experience”

Lich Lord Terminus

Cryx Warcaster – Lich Lord Terminus

He is one of the few large base (50 mm.) warcasters in the game.  He is big, bad, and he flies.  I am almost done completely with the model and can’t wait to try him in a game.

Lich Lord Terminus
Big and Mean – Lich Lord Terminus

So, as I said above, he is big, bad and met to kick ass.  How did I do with him?  Let me just say that this warcaster comes with a learning curve and I am on the bad side of the slope at the moment.

My Warmachine Case

Every Gamer Needs a Case

My buddy said that “Lumpy could pull that off”, so I did… Continue reading “My Warmachine Case”

More on Warmachine Terrain – Part 3 – A Mountain

Warmachine Terrain – A Mountain

I have written a few other articles on this topic and, if you haven’t read them, you may wish to double back and do so:

However, if you are familiar with table top terrain building, you can likely skip those two articles.  In this post, I am going to cover how I made a mountain.  In this case the mountain is not intended to have models on it but it is met to be impassable terrain and nothing more.

This project will take a few days to complete.  Not because there is a terrible amount of work involved in it but because you are going to have to wait for materials to dry between steps.
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More Warmachine Models

More Warmachine Photos

I have been busy painting and “basing” (adding material to make the plastic base look more realistic) some more Warmachine models.  Again, I did not do all the painting on all of the models but that is quickly changing as I am working on over 70 models at the moment.

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Why I Have Been Online Less

Mostly Busy

The biggest reason is that I simply have a lot going on.  Writers don’t only work online.

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