Terminal Madness

Terminal Madness

I grew up in the early era of computers. I remember cassettes and punch cards. My first computer was a Vic 20 with a cassette player hooked up to it. I didn’t stick with the 20 for long. I quickly updated to the Commodore 64 with a floppy drive. Yeah, I was one of those geeks who automated his coffee maker.

Check out this 1980 documentary about the computers. Kudos to Boing! Boing! for sharing this.

Terminal Madness

Carol Burnett Star Trek Parody

Carol Burnett Show – Star Trek Parody

I have always considered The Carol Brunnett Show classic television. In my youth, I watched it every time I could. I always liked her rags to riches persona.  Like many aspiring actresses, she held many odd jobs until her big break. Her trademark character became the cleaning lady she often played on her Carol Burnett Show. The intro of the show featured a comic of her in that role. Currently, her career has spanned six decades.

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Cliff Haven

Cliff Haven

Off the Grid and Totally Kewl

I confess to be a RSS feed and Tweetdeck junkie. When I am able, I spend my entire day in front of my computer, surroud by the glow of the four monitors. You never know what I shall find.

If I hit the lotto, I would build or buy something like this. This self-contained-off-the-grid marvel is called Cliff Haven

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Snowman Gets Small, Real Small – Three Microns Tall

There are great advancements occurring in nanotechnology daily. Just in time for the holidays, researchers have constructed a three-micron tall snowman. I agree with the author over at The Verge. It is difficult to grasp how small that actually is. I thought I would get my math on and try and illustrate it as best I can.

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Lumpy’s Links for 2016-12-24

Lumpy’s Links for 2016-12-24

Sorry for being a day late this week but my Christmas baking and cooking was more of a priority. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all. Here is this week’s list of links and stuff.

The categories are (click on the category to jump right to it):

  • Ludicrous – Funny, odd, strange, bizarre or humorous
  • Useful – Software, references, lists, etc.,
  • Music – Music, music tech, music videos and album releases
  • Photo – Pictures, drawings, animation and videos
  • Yours – Something from email or social media
  • Science – Anything science or technology related

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Carnage for Christmas?

Carnage for Christmas?

Watch a 15,000 Character War – Santas vs Penguins

So you have developed a new battle simulator, it is the holiday season and you want to promote it. What would be better than a conflict between 11,000 penguins and 4,000 Santas?

Brilliant Games Studios did just that. To promote their Epic Battle Simulator they gifted some yuletide carnage. I am warning you this not a warm, fuzzy, cuddley Christmas video.

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Amazing Biking

Wonder Biker

I am not even sure exactly how to describe this… either a mix of figure skating and bicyling or a mix of gymnastics and bicyling. Regardless of how one describes it, it is nothing short of amazing. Additionally, this young woman performs for almost six minutes. If it tried such a stunt, it would be only that many seconds before an ambulance would be called.

Bicycle Gymnastics