2016.12.16 – Lumpy’s Links

Lumpy’s Links for 2016-12-16

Yeah, I have not done one of these since the start of the year. In the spirit of “better late than never”, “nothing beats a failure except a try”, and “try, try, try and try again”, I am giving it another go.

I am finally starting to conquer my health issues; the pain in my back is now almost completely gone, I have almost all the feeling back in my left leg, daily doses of bromelain are keeping my arthritis and carpal tunnel in check, my blood pressure is almost normal and, while still not perfect, I am sleeping much better. It is amazing how much more energy one has when not in pain all the time. It is time to try and get back to this weekly project.

Additionally, I am going to change the format a bit. All too often I am ending up with more than one link per topic per week. While I shall still reference stuff I posted during the week, I am also going to use it to clean up my saved RSS folder. In other words, you will be getting extras.

The categories are (click on the category to jump right to it):

  • Ludicrous – Funny, odd, strange, bizarre or humorous
  • Useful – Software, references, lists, etc.,
  • Music – Music, music tech, music videos and album releases
  • Photo – Pictures, drawings, animation and videos
  • Yours – Something from email or social media
  • Science – Anything science or technology related

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Debian Wheezy Linux on a Mac G5 – How To

My HackinTOS

English: Debian etch default Xfce install
English: Debian etch default Xfce install (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have had a Mac G5 for about a year now. I call it my HackinTOS.  I like having two 64-bit CPUs chugging away to edit audio. It has been a great beast but the Debian Squeeze on it has ended it’s support life.  It is time to wipe it and upgrade.  I know there are not too many of these machines around anymore but, based on the forum posts I have read, I imagine there are many who have had a “fun time” getting the machines to submit to Linux.  I thought I might share how to do so.  While I admit, I am a tad of a two-bit hack, I feel that I have some knowledge on this matter.

Before you do anything, back up all of your files.  If you do install Debian as I describe below, you are going to be erasing and re-writing you hard drive.

In this post I will cover:

  1. Getting my display to work with a Nividia GeForce 5200 Ultra graphics card
  2. Installing the XFCE desktop environment
  3. Installing some extra packages via synaptic
  4. Adding additional repositories
  5. Getting Synergy to start on login
  6. Automatically logging in when I hit the power button (failed)
  7. Getting the sound card to work
  8. Assigning keys to open and close the CD/DVD tray

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Keepass – 9 Years Later and I Still Use It

KeePass – Free Open Source Password Management

I originally posted about this awesome software almost a decade ago.  Since I still use and swear by it, I think it certainly worth a re-post here. Continue reading “Keepass – 9 Years Later and I Still Use It”

Gbrowser in the Works?

This post originally published on 26 May, 2005.  It is not a very “green” story at present but I am publishing it again simply because of what it did for me.  Matt Hartley picked it up at lockergnome.com, a site I later wrote for, and linkswarm.com also picked it up.  The result was about a quarter million site visits per hour… so be careful what you ask for lest you fry your server.

It is also interesting because, the browser war, especially with this talk of Firefox adding DRM, is still very much going on. Continue reading “Gbrowser in the Works?”

A Historical Cat Twitter Bot and More from The Digital Library of America

Free and Open Source – The Digital Library of America

Those of you who know me know I am totally into podcasts and open source software.  One of my favorite podcasts is FLOSS Weekly.  The podcast is NOT about dental care, FLOSS is short for Free Libre Open Source Software.  The episode currently in my earbuds is all about The Digital Library of America. Continue reading “A Historical Cat Twitter Bot and More from The Digital Library of America”