Atlas – The Butler Robot

Atlas – The Butler Robot

I was doing some digging for a draft I a working about robots and happened on this TechCrunch article. As the article states he is likely too expensive to actually end up in my living room but the video sure demonstrates how versitile this humanoid robot is.

Watch Atlas Clean House

Meet The Real Robocop – The Knightscope K5

The Knightscope K5 – A Real World Robocop

Autonomous Data Machines – “Predict and Prevent Crime”

While Detroit may erect a statue of the Robocop from the movies, other locations are soon deploying Knightscope K5 robots. While the machine looks like a cross between R2D2 and a conehead, the 300-pound robot is designed to be a huge asset to law enforcement. In my opinion, it certainly looks large enough to be a deterrent. Just knowing that it is following and monitoring you would make one think twice.  It is intended to be a supplemental tool to law enforcement and not a replacement to human officers.

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Disney’s Wall Climbing Robot

Disney Hits Us with More Magic – A Wall Climbing Robot

A wall climbing robot?  I am one of the people who is looking forward to more robots in our society. Disney has created something really awesome! Check out Disney’s wall climbing robot, dubbed VertiGo,  in the video after the break. Not only does this robot climb walls but it gets on the wall by itself!

As the Paul Beardsley, Disney research scientist, states in the article at Boing! Boing! he is not at liberty to go into all the details about Disney’s plans for the bot, but it takes little imagination to imagine how it could be used with lights and/or cameras on it.

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Robotic Tabletop Video

This tabletop moves objects by motor-driven pins. Personally, I would love to see some type of table made like this for War Machine.  It really is worth watching all the way through.

I originally discovered this via a post at Hack a Day.

Should This Be My First DIY Robot Project?

A Drink Mixing Robot

Kudos to Make for catching this one.  Even kewler is that all the parts are 3-D printed.

You can find more info at the maker’s website.