Useless Starts To Sentences

Computer columnist John C. Dvorak.
Computer columnist John C. Dvorak. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While I am digging through news feeds looking for material to scribe about, I am listening to The No Agenda Show.  While you can say what you wish about John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry, personally, I love their show. I have been listening to Adam since his Daily Source Code podcast.  I could not tell you how long I have read Dvorak and regardless of what he said about the PC mouse, I still think he is a required-tech-guru follow. Their snarky, critical thinking is a welcome change from the mainstream media.

As they often do, they were discussing politics.   In this instance, the recent Democratic Debates.  Mr. Dovorak presented a list of phrases that he noticed the participants often starting a sentence with… phrases that added nothing to the meaning of the sentence. Continue reading “Useless Starts To Sentences”


acorn photoYeah, that should have been acorns.  We all hear it, likely most of us do it ourselves as well.  And we all know at least one person who confuses such words often.  You know vivid or livid, etc.,

This post made me wonder what the best one I could recall was.

In a performance review, I once herd heard uttered,  “Now that you have gained some expedience, you should be contently improvising.”.  I continued to rapidly toss out comic remarks ever since… I didn’t last long in that particular position.

Seems there is a long list of these mistakes.  What is the best one you have ever heard?

The Elements of Style, Chapter 4 – Words and Expressions Commonly Misused

In Other Words, Things You Shouldn’t Say

As an aspiring writer, I try to take some time on Sundays and either read or re-read books on writing, grammar and/or vocabulary.  In my opinion, shared by many writers, a book which belongs on every writer’s reading list is The Elements of Style. I am aware that, if I followed the book’s rules, the title should be in italics. However, there is no easy way to do that with an Amazon affiliate link. Continue reading “The Elements of Style, Chapter 4 – Words and Expressions Commonly Misused”